Category used for most of our accessories. Here you will find our stock of Power Supplies, leads, Modulators, connectors, baluns, brackets and no doubt a few other bits and bobs.


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  • Trac 10m CCTV BNC + 12vDC...


    Trac pre-made 10m BNC & 12vDC for CCTV installations.

    For ease of installation the cable is pre terminated and ready to plug in.

  • Trac CCTV Video Balun to CAT5


    Supplied in pairs, the Trac Baluns allows the transmission of real-time CCTV video signals via cost-effective Unshielded Twisted Paired (UTP) cable such as CAT5e and CAT6 compared to using bulky and more expensive coaxial cable. Only one pair of the UTP cable is required, therefore for a 4 pair UTP cable, you can use up to 4 Baluns.

    The superior interference rejection and low emissions allow video signals to coexist in the same wire bundle as telephone, datacom, or low-voltage power circuits. This allows the use of shared or existing cabling.

    Built-in surge and lightning suppression protects video equipment against damaging voltage spikes. Furthermore, crosstalk and noise immunity ensure high quality video signals.

    No external power is required and they are supplied as a pair

  • CCTV Power Supply 4A - Trac


    PSU , 12VDC, 4 AMP

    Use with DC 1x5 Split (part code 301071) and DC 1x8 Split (part code 301072) to provide power for CCTV cameras up to 4 amps (normally 4 cameras).

  • 12v DC 2.0 Amp Plug Top...


    Input Voltage: AC 110--240V

    Output Voltage: DC 12V

    Output Current: 2.0Amp

    Suitable for 1 or 2 Cameras

  • TM-RF HD Modulator with IR

    • HDMI DVB-T RF Modulator
    • 1080p High-Definition over RF
    • 9V Infra-Red over RF (via on/off switch)
    • HDMI Loop-through
    • Cascadable
    • Send 1080p High-Definition video quality with audio over an RF distribution system
    • Converts an HDMI signal into an HD digital DVB-T compatible signal
    • ***Requires a DVB-T or DVB-T2 compatible TV (must be 1080p or 4K UHD and not Youview)**
    • LCD screen for easy setup & configuration
    • HDMI Input
    • DVB-T COFDM Modulation
    • Channel Name Edit
    • Compatible with international standards
    • Bandwidth - 6Mhz, 7Mhz, 8Mhz
    • Configure: Bandwidth, Constellation, FEC, ONID, LCN
    • USB - software and cascade updates only
    • Includes IR Transmitter and 9V IR Receiver (Eye)
    • Wall Mountable Metal Housing
  • Webro Cabnex 250m Shotgun...


    Webro Cabnex 250m Shotgun RG59+12V Power CCTV Cable

    For use on coax based CCTV Systems

    RG59 Coax fused with 2 core 12V power cable on 250m wood Reel

  • Triax HDMI Modulator MOD 103T


    HDMI to COFDM Modulator


    Watch + control HD content at each TV location using existing coax cable infrastructure